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Our Privacy Policy

The use you make of our site may be shared with our advertising, social networks and web analysis partners.

The information collected from visitors to our website is anonymous and is used for tracking purposes to determine, for example, the number of pages visited in the session, the length of time spent on each page, and the frequency of visits to the website. All this helps us write better content for you.

To comply with the EU directive about cookies, here we explain how we use cookies in this site and what for:

Third-Party Cookies

  • Users of the site who wish to share A Very English Life’s content using social networks may have cookies stored on their computers from these third-party websites.

Cookies are collected from third-party sites, such as Facebook, Google+, etc., so that you can be logged in to your account on their site and share our content simply and easily.

For more information on the cookie policies of these third-party sites, please visit their websites. You will be able to control the way cookies are used when you are signed into your accounts on these sites through the privacy settings they have made available to you.

Advertising Cookies

  • To help us keep this site online we have partnered with Google to provide you with targeted advertising. This means that when you click in one of the adverts that appear in our site we get a tiny income. Read more about the cookies our partner sets in your local machine.

Our own cookies

  • When you comment on A Very English Life site, you will have cookies stored on your computer. This is purely for convenience, so that you will not be required to re-type all their information again when you want to leave another comment in the future. There is no way to prevent these cookies being set other than to not use our site.

Any other information that you voluntarily share with us, like when we ask for your email address and name before commenting on our posts, or when you use a contact form, we will never share with anyone. We only ask for security reasons and to prevent SPAM and, obviously, so that we can reply to you.

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